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What Is Something That Britney Said, But Changed Her Mind And Did It

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First of all... Happy 4th of July Putanas :brit: 

and what mean by the title is she said something like for an example 

" I Am Britney Jean"

'For The Onyx Hotel Tour my outfits were more risqué... i was in lingerie... I probably won't wear anything like that again"

but then shows up to the stage like...


So I wanna know what other things she said but then changes her mind

P.S. I'm not being mean or bashing, I love my queen, and..... I be doing the same things too :moorangu: 

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6 hours ago, Girl On The Moon said:

She said she wanted to act in movies during the FF promo in London and then a few years after she said she would never act again.

I mean I wouldn't either after Jane the origin. But I do think she's actually funny actress like in himym and will and grace

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