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Something really curious about Britney's career


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Up til he femme fatale era, she was the most successful female pop act on the new east after maybe madonna. When we talk about the new east, we are talking about the former USSR states, countries where due to their history and culture it's really hard to penetrate for a foreign act and even more if you're a woman. She was truly a huge phenomenom 

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36 minutes ago, AndrejBLV said:

She is not famous and successful anymore in ex USSR countries? What a surprise :tiffcackle:

She's famous in Las Vegas :tiffcackle:

She is famous in third world countries where internet isnt a thing apparently :tiffcackle:

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33 minutes ago, Shadow. said:

She brought that on herself when she decided not to give a **** about her career:whitney:

Well to be fair GLORY was #1 on Czech republic. Slay these Czech hunter fans!

36 minutes ago, AndrejBLV said:

Poor people, they thought they are paying to see primeney, can you imagine their surprise :tiffcackle:

They were like: What Hilary Duff is doing here!?:tiffcackle:

LMAOOOO what kind of Selena gomez is this? :tiffcackle:

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