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Favourite and Least Favourite POM Section ?

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What is your favourite section and least favourite section from the show?

Favourite - Intro Section (Work *****, Womanizer, Break the Ice, Piece of Me)

It's high energy and hype as hell :lemmetellu:

Least Favourite - Circus Section (Circus, If U Seek Amy, Breathe on Me, Slumber Party, Touch of My Hand)

This is such a useless section, she's always lazy during it and it's generally boring, she cut out like all the good choreo from it :mattafact:

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Just now, HairFlipQueen said:

Favourite: The end

Least favourite: The entire bit between the beginning and the end

*Bonus least favourite: The 500,000 hair touches 

*Bonus favourite: The times her security guys who have been with her for like 5 years have a birthday

This is a carbon copy of what I was going to say :gimmemoar:

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i don't know... i'll break it down like this:

Good - WB
Bad - Womanizer, BTI, POM


Good - Everytime

Good - DYWCO, Missy Elliott dance break
Bad - Boys

Good - Slave, MM, Freakshow
Bad - DS

Good - BOM, SP, TOMH
Bad - Circus, IUSA

Good - Toxic, Stronger
Bad - Crazy, TTWE

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I always disliked the neon section. The lights, the remixes, the interlude, the backdrops and the horrible neon outfits. The first one looked like swimsuit to me. That Boys remix is soooooo bad and Boys is just overperformed...give OVERPROTECTED A CHANCE BRINNY GIRL!!!!!:flawlessbye:


The best: I'd say the end with Toxic and TTWE. The stronger/crazy remix still givs me life!

1 minute ago, Britman512 said:

Worst part is that god awful missy mix which is still there for some reason:meltdown:

Omg yes how could I forget that one! I'd rather see her doing another Madonna tribute tho

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Fave: BOM, SP and TOMH:urite:

Least: Circus, IUSA and PLEASE Someone burn that Boys remix :letitburn:. Honestly if anything needs to go its that no wonder why Britney smokes still if she has to perform that ear bleeding remix  every night I would be doin 2 packs a day myself... :smokney2:. Add another Glory song, Overprotected, Im not a girl, FTBOMBH ANYTHING ELSE BUT BOYS REMIX:triggered::triggered:

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14 hours ago, Britman512 said:

Worst part is that god awful missy mix which is still there for some reason:meltdown:

This. It's honestly just really awkward to watch, because it's not like there's some intense dance break accompanying the medley by any means, and it's especially pointless because there are so many of Britney's own greatest hits/#1s that aren't performed in the show at all. I mean, usually when acts are first starting out they do tributes/covers of other artists/songs because they're lacking in their own material, but that's certainly not the case here. 

And if she were to dedicate a choreographed medley to another artist's hits, then it should arguably be to Janet or at the very least Madonna. Her career trajectory hasn't exactly been associated with Missy Elliott's. It's just altogether a very odd choice.

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Fav: The military/opening section bc of the WB choreo and the Womanizer dance break and when she slays the BTI choreo. I also like the rock section with ILRNR, MATM, and GM. 

Least Fav: Neon and Circus. They're both so confused and the choreo sucks. Especially the circus section. It has too many songs and BOM, TOMH, and SP don't go. And the DYWCO routine looks dumb wo the bar, and the missy break is just plain terrible. 

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