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the ONLY thing(s) that will save Brit next era

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If Britney wants to have another successful era, I think she will be able to achieve it if she...

1. Stops with the playback. At least attempt to sing live for a FEW tracks. (at LEAST).

2. Goes on tour and STOPS performing her greatest hits. I understand that is what she is recognized by but Glory was good and she paid dust to it. If she went on a Glory tour and actually came up with decent choreography to Change Your Mind, Better, sang Just Like Me/Just Luv Me live, she would have been a HIT again.

3. Becomes more open during interviews. The main thing that we all loved about Britney from the start was how relatable she was and how down to earth she is. If the world saw that again, they would fall in love again.

4. ...........also this one is hard but Britney needs to educate herself a little. Maybe spend some time reading about the world because she says some things that are just not appropriate or stupid AF. For example, (The whole 'Selena Gomez bombing in London' thing/Still saying the word '******'/thinking 'Britney *****' came from Scream and Shout, lying to her fans and saying she always sings over playback when it's clear she does not and lipsyncs EVERY TRACK, etc) I love Britney but when she sounds this dumb it hurts a little. 


That is what I wish for in the next era. I know I'm reaching for the stars but a boy can dream. :plzney:

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I want a strong era over months long. 

Four singles


Maybe a tour. Ppl want a tour so bad but after Pom I rather have a strong era and maybe a tour for b11. 

I agree with the communication. She is so lucky ppl aren't checking for her that much or the things she says would be front page news. 

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