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My Costume Designs for The POM Circus Section.

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Apologies for the roughness of these, I quickly thre them into photoshop, without a scanner and put them together:

These looks are inspired by the Circus Tour, Circus music video, and original circus outfits as well as her Jingle Ball, Elle 2012 and other various looks

CIRCUS: a jacket/peplumed corset combo with high boots. I wanted to recreate the red jacket, but include the black/white design of her old circus outfit. I added the JB like sleeves, and jacket/corset tails to emphasis movement, I also added a Fantasy Twist style headress. The boots have a tear away black and white design. She would wear this for the circus number, go behind the scene and remove the jacket....


Once the jacket is removed, we see the nude stoned body stocking, similar to Elle 2012. The Corset stays on and is secured via a zip. The plummage is seperated into two parts, allowing access to the zipper. 


Breathe on Me/Slumber Part/Touch of my Hand.

For these songs, Britney would remove the corset, to reveal a stoned nude leotard (like Elle), with a stoned neck. She would a blue furry shoulder piece (like she has numerous times, recreating both the elle shout AND WB cover art) for BOMT and Slumber Party and remove it at the end, to reveal the nude body suit for Touch of my hand. The low light would allow the stones to sparkle.


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6 hours ago, Ryan Godspeed said:

the IUSA costume... doesn't have bra? so the ***** gon be hangin? :squintney: i love the breathe on me one but the circus and IUSA can be simplified i guess. they're too dragqueeney. great work, tho. better than her current costumes. i wish i had ur drawing talent. :bwink: :kiss:

after Circus, she would remove the jacket, so the nude body suit body suit would be seen.
Thanks for the criticism, I was trying to think of things that are vegas, while making them look Britney. so extravagant, but constantly moving! :)

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4 hours ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

I really like the very last costume. Looks simple but ****. Also... are her **** out for IUSA? Lol I couldn't tell.

Thank you, I wanted to them to fit the mood of the songs theyre in.

haha no, they're not. My whole idea would be that the Circus outfit would be worn over the bodysuit. After Circus she would remove the Jacket, leaving the corset on but revealing the top part of the body suit for If U Seek Amy. After that, she would remove the corset, and put on the feathers for BOM and Slumber Party, and then remove them to perform TOMH.

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1 hour ago, Daxx said:

The ringleader jacket ***** on every outfit she has worn in the last 7 years tbh



This is depresing :boredashell:

I just feel that this section of the show is the one that has never been right.  Its Vegas, and the theme is Circus, its also the second last section of the show: IT SHOULD BE EXTRAVAGANT....

...and what did we get from day one? The costume missing parts (the original never had the shoulders or neck piece), and then we had the white lines made black (and all of this with the I Wanna Go video screens). Then we had the dresses...all of them.....

....we had the jacket and the red bikini, but it still looked odd (for Circus, it looked nice with the red skirt and moving on), and then it was all bikinis.

I just wanted to design pieces that fit the theme but were also comfortable.

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