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New costumes that would be perfect for Britney (ZIGMAN)

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So guys, this is Croatian creator ZIGMAN, and I think that his work is really cool and interesting. What do you think? Would you like to see Britney in some of these costumes?


Share your opinion :)










You can find some more great costumes on his Instagram profile :)


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3 minutes ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

Hmm they look way to futuristic to me...unless her tour its theme is about the future than I'd say maybe but yeah I don't know...I don't see Brinny wearing any of it. Only the last one maybe

They are maybe a little bit futuristic, but they can look very fashionable and cool if its suits the theme of her tour

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1 minute ago, BritintheZone said:

I they are nice but not for Britney 

maybe if the designer did some specifically for her it would be cool :cooltshirt:

Yeah, he should definitely make few costumes specifically for her :)

Just imagine Britney with great hair, great make up and with look no.3.

She would look like Goddess!

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7 minutes ago, Santiago said:

hm no, i don't like them

too RuPaulish 

Rupaul mostly wears custom dresses. Where have you seen her in a leotard? Or anything pantless? Never. :whitney:


But these are very Cher/that "singer" from Real Housewives of BH

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Just now, BOBIBCFBG said:

No offense but they are terrible. They look like they were created in the year 2000 as a futuristic robot concept. That was in back then.

Hmm I think they can look very effective if they suits a theme of performance :)

Do you have some other suggestions?

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Just now, FriedChicken said:

No! She needs pants! I want to see her in some baggy pants, bra top and straight medium length hair...nothing too fancy or over the top...something comfortable to wear so not to hinder any dancing. No more leotards!!! 

Well let's be real, new costumes in POM does not stop her to dance, and yet she sucks in it.

So if she doesn't want to dance hard, she can look at least fashionable and continue to halfass :)

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