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Songs About Daddy issues

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1 hour ago, Dripping For Britney said:


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French fingertips, red ****, Jamie's dangerous




This thread IS LIFE. :queenriri:

Hit me daddy one more time

Oops!...daddy did it again

I'm a slave 4 daddy

I'm not a girl not yet a daddy

Piece of daddy

Work daddy

Hold it against daddy

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I thought this thread was going to be songs about daddy issues that are perfect for her. I was going to say Blown Away by Carrie Underwood: A girl let's her alcoholic father get killed in a tornado. The music video could be at her old childhood home that her Dad still apparently owns. It would be so dramatic and awesome. That would never happen though. 


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My daddy

mmm Daddy

Daddies (Boys)

What it’s Like to be daddy

The Daddy

Someday (Daddy will understand):weusay:

Piece of Daddy

Get Naked (Daddy’s got a plan)

Perfect daddy

Break the Daddy

Hot as daddy

Can’r make daddy love me

what Daddy needs

If you seeK Daddy

Inside Daddy ;)

Don’t keep daddy waiting :o 

Daddy should be easy

born to make daddy happy

When Daddy says so

pleasure Daddy



as a bonus: Lana Del Rey has a song called be my daddy..:milkney:


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