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E! News addresses the lip sync and Linday stories

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Britney is an entertainer, she's dancing her *** off, if it's not playback her voice on stage would sound terrible!

this is no news to anyone!

but her team should step up a bit, at least record some vocals bc it's 2017 and to lipsync baby one more time vocals from 1999 it's just too much.

and ballads too, at least give us a moment and be real like she did with Everytime @ onyx 

Everytime @ circus she actually sang back on track on some shows but most of the dates the playback was way higher.

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I didn't think it was too bad... they were being as nice as possible but just straight called it out... we can't hear her at all... and that she doesn't have the best voice but she's always been an entertainer ... blah blah blah, the media are being nonchalant about it, I don't think people care anymore about the lipsync issue after 20 years... it's more social media coming after her 

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Guest $elfish

Dayum what happened to E! News :nicki2: I remember it looked much better and had a proper set 

Looks like the budget is cutting down :mjpopcorn:

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11 minutes ago, me.against.the.b00ty said:

which one of you is the friend he refers to:snooptoya:

 I would be the one who asks:slayney:; why You paying for Adele's concert tickets? :madonna:There is nothing to see, You better stay home and listen to cd or itunes... :cinema:

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It's interesting to see how afraid they were to bluntly drag her because she has become sort of "untouchable" (leave Britney alone!). They spent most of the time hedging and trying to soften what they really wanted to say about her, it was annoying. I've been getting the same vibe from the media for years now. It's like they don't talk **** about her but it's not like they praise her either, or at least praise doesn't feel authentic most of the times. There are only a few sites that praise her all the time like Billboard, for example... And they have been working with Britney for years now so it's no surprise. When the media covers Brtiney is usually boring now. :ponderney:

Also: guy in black was hot! And he was scared of us lmfao, it was hilarious how butthurt he was about the fans came for him. :gimmemoar:

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