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Can someone explain to me the meaning/symbolism of the 'Lucky' music video?

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9 minutes ago, Rico. said:

I think the non famous Britney is not supposed to be anyone other than Britney herself 'cause she sings about Lucky, not herself specifically.

Therefore she's there to narrate Lucky's story

could be narrating the story of her famous side who has a different name

like Pink talking about Alicia or Gaga about Stephanie

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Just now, TraciBrooks said:

It was herself before she became famous. It was her basically looking at herself from 2006 to 2008. It's really freaky how well it predicted her future (I swear there was a Vegas promo in there) and sad how early she had her struggles with fame.

Lucky, Overprotected and Mona Lisa are really scary songs considering everything they got it right. :lostney:

Throw the Everytime video in and bang. It could only be the Illuminati.

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I think Britney is "Britney herself" trying to portray the duality of being famous but being  far from your loved ones. She missed her family and town while on tour. She was lucky, but she cried. Life is bittersweet and one cannot have it all.... She wanted to please them all, but you can't, she couldn't, and that's what made her sad. Now she doesn't give a damn. Good for her. I don't need britney spears more than she needs herself. :verycool:

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