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Anyone here learn her choreography? What's your favorite?

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Guest $elfish

I've learned some bits from the Pom choreo of slave and work ***** but I dance worse than both circusney and femme fataleney

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I taught myself all of Slave, Toxic, The Hook Up, IUSA, and bits of MATM, BOMT, and Oops. All original choreo.

Bc they make for great zumba workouts, I also know a bit of the old and new POM choreos. Work *****, Gimme More, Break the Ice, Make Me, and Slumber Party. 

It's fun to learn them and makes for an easy way to get active. 

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 Some of you should Make YouTube videos to teach her choreography. I've always wanted to learn but I think I'm a like dyslexic with learning and need it broken down real carefully. I love dancing though. I want to learn slave and over protected!

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