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We all keep talking about how Britney needs an image change, so what would you have her do?

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47 minutes ago, Shadow. said:

:squintney: It's better than ANOTHER thread about her nose, lips, lack of choreo, twitching, knee bending I could go on.

Also I haven't seen any threads relating to this :byebitch:


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20 hours ago, Justney said:

I really think she needs to stop trying to be ****. I feel like at 35 she might be struggling with feeling old and feeling **** and its translating on stage but the thing is she can be **** at 35.. And 45 and beyond,  but as you age you gotta transition what sexiness means to you. At 20 being overtly in your face ****** makes sense when you're discovering your own sexuality but at 35 as a mother of two that's a bit much.  The stripper pole is trashy. A seasoned veteran pop star squating around a pole is desperate and try hard,  it's something that doesn't even go for her general aesthetic or brand but it does bring her brand down a lot.

Some of the leotards are **** when they look designer but  primney was **** in just a top and low rise jeans.  I Think that's something she could bring back.  Primneys clothing was often experimental,  cut up clothing that looked interesting and made her look good when she moved. 

The visuals are lacking a lot. I don't get the lesbian vibes from slumber party.  It just seemed phoney and gimmicky ... the milk licking scene was gross and sorry but it was kind of trashy, just like the *** plot in make me.  Idk who is trying to push her as a has been **** star but they need to be fired. I did however like the cage scene from the original because it threw back to toxic but still.

She doesn't have to be **** all the time.  I actually appreciated perfume mv for the story in it,  even though its cut up and kind of boring, it wasn't just milk licking on a table in front of some stone faced man, some ambiguous lesbian scene or anything,  it had a bit of depth even in the cut up version we got. 

And for music, I'd love another bom which I feel is infinitely more mature than do you wanna come over or slumber party,  especially for a 35 year old mother of two. 


I agree that Britney should be happy and do what she wants but if she wants her career to progress she does have to mature her image and sound honestly.  I don't like the gp calling her a trashy has been or godney... I want her to be respected. Madonna is respected,  mj was respected,  now Britney should be respected but she has to work on it if she wants that. And yeah she could care less but she'll continue to lose her fans as well which I don't want to see happen. 

If she can't sing live then I think prerecorded is important and if she can get into the studio to make albums I don't know why she can't do this. 


A conceptual album would be really good for her too and visually I'd love to see more artistic expression in her photos. How many more promo pics and album covers do we need of just her face? Some of her greatest pics were not her standing face forward in a short dress touching her face...

I don't think these things make her particularly happy either, aside from maybe the music she was making on glory,  but I'd love to see her experiment in other sounds than dance pop. I think she's just lost on what she could be doing, she's out of touch which is understandable. But her team doesn't present her with new ideas,  they cling to old worn out ideas because of the nostalgia factor. That can't last at this rate. 


And finally the choreography needs to be 1000 times better.  This doesn't mean she needs to be doing matm dance breaks but she needs to be fluid and move and feel the music,  not count steps and pose while flapping her arms around. She can move slower and more sensual as long as she feels it. 

She can do a lot of the things she likes to do now but done a little differently. Hell if she got proper pole dancing lessons and used it artistically in performance that'd be ****! Like pink with those curtain things... I'm blanking on the name,  but strength and passion are hot and beyond **** compared to wearing cheap lingerie and doing dollar store stripper moves to look ****. 

Anyway I'm ready for those downvotes. 





I agree 100%. I think the **** thing is so overused and a bore at this point.

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It's okay to be ****, she's found a love of her body again and I think it's wonderful she wants to embrace that. You just need to find that right balance. 

She can look beautiful and still be ****, and at the same time perform **** performances. 

If she wanted to further her brand, she would need to mature it.

At this stage of her career she needs to get even more invested. Glory is a great career revival, musically, and sets her at a great place to build upon it. Stay experimental, get involved more creatively. Writing and composing again would really benefit her brand. A concept album of some sorts would be a good way for her to mix fun pop bops, sexier tracks, experimental stuff and perhaps something slow. 

It would be nice for her sing live for the public, I'm not expecting her to do it all the time, but do a Vevo:Live type thing, record it until it sounds perfect and let the world see it.

It's little steps, her career has plateaued. Her show is great, but it's boring and nothing new. Her musical output is good, but it needs to be next level if she wants to make an impact. Perhaps live promo should be based more on concept rather than her dancing, too.

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2 hours ago, Someone Who Knows said:

Gwen Stefani was almost ******* 40 when Hollaback Girl came out and that was a #1 smash, stop being an idiot. Madonna was in her 40s when Hung Up was a hit. Kylie Minogue was 35 when Can't Get You Out of My Head was a hit. Quite frankly you don't know what the **** you are talking about. Pop music is a YOUTHFUL GENRE. 

You're being a pressed ******* honestly. This is a different time,  this isn't the early 2000s anymore idk if you've looked around you. 

And idk why you're going on about these hits when Britney didn't get a hit with anything on glory, not slumber party, not perfume, not pretty girls lol. So I'm the idiot? No,  you're stuck in the past when music was a bit more fun, pop was in and those artists were respected anyway. Britney is not.   She needs an overhaul. Get out of your ******* and don't call people idiots for expressing opinions you don't like Jesus Christ. So childish. She's not getting hits right now and the smart thing to do would be move onto a new brand image. Whether or not she wants hits doesn't matter to the industry. They will only spend money on tours and music videos when the music does well and quite frankly I'd like her to regain a foothold in the gp' s eyes so she doesn't just **** around in Vegas until people stop seeing her.  Yeah a fun immature bop might become a hit but she's tried it over and over again. 

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