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We all keep talking about how Britney needs an image change, so what would you have her do?

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I am 100% in agreement that for Britney to progress forward she NEEDS to mature her brand. No one is as interested in what she does because she's been doing the same thing since the beginning and the main thing is that she's not 21 anymore. 

I don't think she needs to become all Celine Dion onstage but maybe more maturity in her performances/music would attract the attention of the public again and I also think it would be a good thing to see Britney mature in terms of her image/music. I get the impression that's what she was aiming to do with the material she was recording after In the Zone.

I'd love her to go down the route of more soulful music or the style of music that was performed during BOMT at the Onyx Hotel and I'd love to hear more of her powerful natural voice aswell! 

In terms of image I just wish she would be more exciting with her choices. I hate the leotards. Part of the excitement around her performances is what she is wearing and when she's wearing the same thing in a different color its just so dull. 

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More ITZ style. Not necessarily that particular vibe but just experiment and look for ways to set more trends in the industry and her own career. I want great visuals, experimental tracks, and a consistent theme. If we could get ITZ/Britney era performances and costumes with a themed era i.e. an improved version of Circus, and Glory vocals then we would be set. If Just like me is the vibe she wants then go for an acoustic album. If she wants a mid tempo craze then give us a next level Make Me. And if she wants dance tracks then give us another Toxic. She's at her best when she blends the three. Image wise just more mature and more like the way she came off in the recent interview. You can be open without spilling all of the details. She can showcase vulnerability and confidence. 

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Her image is fine and if it needs to be changed let it be what Britney wants

2 minutes ago, AndrejBLV said:

Finally somebody with great thread! This should be pinned!

She needs to stop with childish and cheesy music, MVs and performances.

She needs more serious approach to her career and image. We need mature and artistic Britney.


There's nothing childish or cheesy about her music


Did you not listen to Glory or other mature songs she has done over the years

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Nowadays there's such a mistery regarding her vocals, GP doesnt quite know her potential as a vocalist but they're sure that she always lip-syncing and
that she sometimes uses autotune. I think the most exciting and game-changing path she could ever take with her image would be stripping everything down
and focusing on good well-written songs where her vocals can really shine (and for that she would have to start vocal coaching again and take as much time as she needs for it).
This would become viral so easily, because, like i said, there's so much mistery surrounding her voice and people would love to see that new side of her. Ofc it could still have dancing, but it'd be nice if she performed less songs, dancing with more polishment and good choreo rather than alot of hits with 'bad dancing'

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She just needs to look like this, just a little bit less tanned


And she definitely needs a true fashion designer, a female if it was possible. I think a woman could understand her body shape better than a drag queen's designer. It's true she doesn't have to look like a teenager anymore, but that way of dressing she was choosing around 2013 where she looked like her mom isn't good either.

She can dress up juvenile, because she's still young, despite what anyone could say, she just needs real clothes and something more fashionable, if that's the term lol

The blonde hair I think it's perfect for her. That's Britney Spears, she doesn't need to change that. She could try a different look for a music video or something, but in general I think Blondeney is perfect the way she is.

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► better performances, better outfits not just some underwear or bikinis....

► good make up.

► get involved in her music, care about it when its the time for promoting it.

► Sing something live, at least once in a decade.

► Stop scrapping things 


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I would love like a renewed Britney album with a double disc acoustic. With pop/rock songs.

Its so hard to imagine Britney ever growing as an artist anymore... purely because she won't even try to sing live.

YOK is amazing for her voice but who wants that when she probs would stand there and check her nails and lip these days.

Its unacceptable 

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Writing and performing ballads,talking about her life (not pokemon games or how boring she is,real stuff),using a more mature tone when she's talking....She needs to stop talking about how boring she is.That's a turn off for a lot of people.An artist supposed to be different and she is.She just wants to be boring because she things it's how normal people are i guess :hehehe:   (diction lessons would be great.she would get more relaxed when she's talking)

I don't have anything against *** songs but she should do a few different things.

Her music shouldn't be predictable.I love Glory but half of the album is similar what's out there.That electronic same beat on every pop song lately...It's definitely not that much on her songs but she's too big for it.


Also she needs a new image.I'm not saying short blue hair kinda change but she has the same image including her makeup in general is the same.People are seeing the differences on her face more than other celebrities.You would notice if it's getting older if i was wearing the same shirt everyday.It's the same thing.


Her songs should be longer,at least some of them.3 minutes is the basic pop formula.She has a 20 year-old career so it's not enough for her.






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I love Britney the way she is, I love Glory and this isn't me complaining. But that being said, I think the last trick in Britney's bag is to open up and to really work on her artistry.  Show people that she has something else to offer than this *** kitten image. Show people that she can sing live and write her own music and have it be about more than just ***. Build something around her career that's a little deeper than what she's currently doing that people can connect to  


Britney has gone through so much and could touch on so many subjects. I'd never want her exploit her privacy for album sales if she wasn't comfortable sharing that, but it's been 10 years. I wish she was more willing to talk about it. I think a lot of people would connect to and respect her a lot more. 


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I'd still be down for a themed album. Britney says she is boring. Well write an album about the character of Toxic or something. So much could be used

An album on love.

I feel like they can't put Visuals with things these past few eras. The strongest visual was SP purely because it made sense. 

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Just now, Spearsfan said:

I'd still be down for a themed album. Britney says she is boring. Well write an album about the character of Toxic or something. So much could be used

An album on love.

I feel like they can't put Visuals with things these past few eras. The strongest visual was SP purely because it made sense. 

I WANT THIS SO BAD :crying2: 


1 minute ago, hushpuppies said:

Imagine Before the Goodbye Acoustic :yesplease:


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