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Question about ugly hairFIXney

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So I don't really watch the POM shows but did she flip her a hair all the time before Asia too? Cause I've never seen her flipping her hair as much as she's doing in asia? I have a feeling it could be the extensions cause she has a new stylist. Either way, she needs to rip them out and have short hair cause her flipping hair is really annoying me:donewithit: ok rant over!

UPDATE: I mean her fixing her hair oops!

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4 hours ago, hibiscus.berry.TEA said:

Well there's a difference between flipping it the way she does during Do Somethin' (just one example of many) and fixing it all the time, putting in behind her shoulders etc, it could be nerves, but I wonder why she only started this habit recently?

Oops I mean fixing it not flipping it omg her hair flips are iconic! Her fixing it is not

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