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New Slumber Party Choreo

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13 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

I actually like this new choreo but it's hard to enjoy it because she WON'T STOP ******* TOUCHING THAT PONYTAIL :meltdown:

The hair touching isn't as bad as her flying through the original choreography and bending her knees in replacement of the original choreo 

As seen in work *****, BOMT, stronger... :meltdown:

2 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

Better than most performances in the show.

But lazyney makes a comeback at 2:05 :meltdown:


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Not bad overall but I LOL'd hard at that move that she also does in Mannequin choreo in Circus tour (the one where she twirls with one hand up and one hand down, Egyptian-style :oknolol:) I also don't understand why she does the last (and arguably best) part so half-assy all the time. I wish she would consider taking some dance classes, just to find the passion in full-our dancing again, but it's probably not gonna happen :sickofu:

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