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Your Ultimate top 10 Glory songs?


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2.Make Me

3.Just Luv Me


5.Slumber Party

6.Mood Ring

7.Change Your Mind

8.Coupure Electrique

9.If i'm Dancing

10.Man On The Moon

I know that there are a lot of threads like this one but i am really curious to see your list :giggleney:

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Guest $elfish

1.If I'm dancing 


3.Love me down 

4.Just luv me 


6.make me 

7.just like me 

8.private show 

9.change your mind 

10.do you wanna come over 

honorable mentions 

invitation & clumsy 

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It's really hard to choose since every song in Glory literally sounds like a single. But here's mine:

1. Love Me Down

2. Do You Wanna Come Over?

3. Change Your Mind

4. Make Me

5. Slumber Party

6. Better

7. Just Like Me

8. Liar

9. What You Need

10. Man On The Moon


Brinni, release a 3rd single puhleaaaaasssseeeeeee

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1. Slay Your Mind
2. Mood Ring
3. Invitation
4. Love Me Down
5. Man On The Moon
6. Slumber Party (the original, if I'm being honest, because it's the one I have in my car and it's the one I've been listening to)
7. CE
8. Liar
9. Just Love Me
10. If I'm Dancing


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I still can't get over it! They should release more from Glory!!! Katy was not so successful with her first singles from Witness and she didn't give up. She keeps supporting her album. Team Britney you better watch out for B10! #JusticeforGlory 

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