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Halsey Implies Britney Spears Does Not Write Her Own Music

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Halsey has now enraged the Britney Army with an offhand comment.

The pop star is in hot water after comments she made to The Guardian, apparently off the record, became worldwide trending news. She defended rapper Quavo, who made a couple of homophobic remarks earlier this year, and slammed Iggy Azalea. She called the Australian rapper a "f--king moron" with a failing career. Read more about that here.

In a separate interview, the hopeless fountain kingdom singer took a dig at Britney Spears. Any industry veteran knows the princess of pop is OFF LIMITS, but it appears Halsey didn't get the memo. She gabs to FastCompany.com not only about identifying as a CEO, but a larger than life public figure. She details her humble beginnings and taking the reigns of her budding career from early on, but there's slight diss in there aimed at our fav. Here's a copy + paste excerpt from the interview:

“It’s a weird thing to refer to myself as a product, but when you’ve gone past being a musician and artist, to a role model, where people are buying into your lifestyle, and what you represent, then you become a product people are buying into,” she says. “I never considered myself a CEO until recently. At first, it was naivete. I thought every artist did everything themselves. I thought Britney Spears wrote her own music–I thought every superstar was designing their own live stage show, so I always just did those things. And I was with a team who didn’t know any better either–my manager Anthony [Li] was a 25-year-old kid from New Jersey when I met him. He’d never managed an act before. I’d never been an artist before, obviously, and we’ve built this thing really organically. He never told me no, because he didn’t know he was supposed to. And I just did everything myself because I didn’t have the resources to do it otherwise.”

Here’s an incomplete list of songs Britney has written on throughout her nearly two-decades long career:

And Then We Kiss
Body Ache
Brave New Girl
Brightest Morning Star
Chillin' with You
Coupure Electrique
Don't Cry
Hold on Tight
(I've Just Begun) Having My Fun
It Should Be Easy
Just Like Me
Make Me
Me Against the Music
Mmm Papi
My Baby
Now That I Found You
Ooh Ooh Baby
Private Show
Rock Me In
Someday (I Will Understand)
That's Where You Take Me
Tik Tik Boom
Touch of My Hand
What You Need
Whiplash (Selena Gomez & the Scene song)
Work *****

This is forgivable, but it must be her last and final infraction against the Queen.

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Guest Brichney.

Does she mean to say she does her own stuff by herself? Child, once you reach a certain status in the industry, you do **** by yourself. 

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She has really shot herself in the foot with her interview, then made it worse with the stream of 'apology' tweets after. Some people making really good points, "Halsey defending a homophobic rapper she claims to have never spoken too before, yet half her fan base is LGBT" is just one example I've seen. Also although many people dislike Iggy, her attack on her is flat out unnecessary. Iggy has previously defended Halsey, but I guess halsey doesn't really care.

Messy if you ask me

Ps. Soz for the long *** post, just getting my thoughts out!

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Why does this person noone has heard of outside of the 12-16 teenage group in the USA thinks shes relevant enough to even discuss these things? Artists nowadays get narcissistic the moment they start selling a bit better. Ego maniacs pretending to be humble if you ask me. Get this **** outta my face :byebitch:

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7 minutes ago, ohoney said:

How is that dissing? I mean Britney does writes songs but not too often...i thought this thread would have bad things about her...

This, and Halsey is also a big fan of Britney. Not defending her or anything, but she has said some pretty nice stuff about Brit before. She wouldn't throw her under the bus like that.

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29 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

How is this shade...

Britney isn't as hands on as other artists. She has a good sound for music but let's not act like she wrote her biggest hits 

Most artist are not as hands on as they would like to make it seem


Always remember that they all have to answer to the label at the end of the day

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