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Guest Paris Hilton $

you're in the britney spears section 

if you want to talk about myah's last album Bernadette Jument go to the general section :4music:

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Guest $elfish
19 minutes ago, LWD said:

Perfume , Don't cry , work ***** and Tik Tik boom are the only good things we got from BJ imo  :staysalty:

fixed :truthtea:

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I dont like Sia's voice. I KNOOOOOOOW she's so talented and has an amazing vocal ability but I don't find her voice pleasant to my ears. :squintney:

Her voice sounds so rough and even though she has a waaaay higher range of singing than Britney I just don't like it. Sometimes voices don't have to sound STRONG to be good. 

Many music icons don't have strong voices yet they are amazing at it, MJ, Madonna, Celine. Just saying :idkney:

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