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POM has to end already

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POM was good:

Excellent music> GLORY

Britney recovered her spark 

Bodyney made her comeback 

You can say things like> Circusney and FFney are better but no, you know you are lying


This era needs to stop and B10 is going to be amazing if she hires a new choreographer and pushes herself to give her best. She needs rest for maybe half year making little appearances on TV talking about B10. Also, an expectative hype marketing is needed like Circus era campaign. But we are talking about team B so :wendycry: 

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Guest Paris Hilton $

Can't wait for that joke to end :nicki2:

Now her team will be entirely focus on her next era since they can't get easy money from POM anywore

Which means world tour :awyeah:

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