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Pitch A Music Video For A Britney Song

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It can be a different video idea to ones already made by her or it can be albums tracks that deserved single treatment. And yes, I want the original Make Me too but let's focus...




Intro & Verse 1:

- Britney and her hunky male friend (Chad) are goofing around at the mall and trying on stupid hats and pulling funny faces, having fun etc etc...  Britney isn't lipping lyrics - it's just the two of them being friends. It's made clear that Britney fancies the guy by the lingering looks after he's looked away already. 



- Britney and Chad are at a dancing class and getting very close. It's passionate ballroom dancing. Britney is wearing red and looking smoking hot. 



- As they dance, Chad bumps into another woman and they have an instant spark. Britney looks totally alone and crushed, as Chad and the other woman get chatting and flirt. Later as she leaves the class, Britney calls Chad, but the call gets rejected. 


Verse 2: 

- Vulnerable Britney (now lipping) lurks outside a restaurant and watches as the man she loves goes on a date with the new woman. Britney goes shopping at the same mall as earlier, but this time she's on her own and not having fun.



- We see the seasons change through the use of weather - flowers outside quickly blossom and then leaves turn brown and fall to denote Autumn/Fall has arrived. 

- Britney receives a wedding invite in the post and gets upset. She rips tens of old-school polaroids (look it up kids) of her and Chad off her bedroom wall. 



- Britney's at the wedding reception of Chad and his new wife. She's trying to get to her friend, but too many people are in the way. Flashbacks of happier times of Brit & Chad (ones we've not seen before like at the beach and stuff)



- Britney bumps into a hot man on the dance floor and they start flirting and dancing together. Chad sees them and looks a bit saddened. He and Britney's eyes meet and she smiles. 



Full choreography with Britney going hard in the middle of the dance floor with the waiters as her back up dancers (in the middle of the ring just like a circus!) Everybody watches, especially Chad. No zumba moves here, I'm talking amazing dancing. The only cut scenes here are when Britney says "Do you know my body?" "Better and better" - we see Chad watching and Britney behind him with her mouth to his ear whispering the words. 


Final shot sees Chad's wife watching him watching Britney - she's thinking "Does he really love me?" No *****, he loves Britney! Enjoy divorce :trash:




Your ideas are welcome below..... let's get creative :clap:


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Mood Ring: A whole video of Britney exposing every hypocritcal thing that has happened on exhale. For example, moderate praising of Britney Jean and then bashing it to **** when it flopped, people saying that the original MM video had no plot and made no sense but then complaining for it to be released once it was scrapped and criticising her looks 2011-2012 and then complaining when she gets surgery.

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i won't go into specific details cuz i don't wanna write a script 

  • hold on tight - rainy night in the city. pretty simple, she keeps walking around with an umbrella seeing all these couples while she feels overwhelmed but at peace cuz she has someone waiting for her
  • how i roll - very color-esque bubblegum theme , no real theme around it besides a colorful day
  • do you wanna come over - POM show journey - from make up to getting on stage. getting her dancers involved with her while she goes through the process
  • til it's gone - simple video of just hardcore dancing on a platform (like the beginning of HIAM platform but bigger
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4 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

I run away: Britney's running :saycheese:


3 minutes ago, Brad Adamson said:

wait for it... away from something!


2 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

There's a fan chasing her with a sign that says "Sing live queeeeeeeeen" :saycheese:

i think that's more if she covers


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Inside Out - B&W video with Britney just doing a full lyrical dance to the song with a high profile celebrity, idk maybe Usher or Justin Bieber. I can't decide on a setting, maybe a dance room or a living room. The theme is similar to these videos: Single Ladies by Beyonce and The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera, basically there's not much pacing and sequences but the objective is to highlight the choreography and/or the emotions of the song. I don't think we ever had that kind of video from Britney, maybe Someday. :shameless:

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I had this amazing visual for Make Me when I first heard it ...  I wanted it to start in the old West with Britney working in a Saloon and dancing on the stage with other girls to entertain the men... then GEasy came and other men in the town didn't like him and they saw him flirting with Britney's character so they set her home on fire and she rides off into the sunset with GEasy and they end up in Current Vegas in front of Axis and see pics of Britney and there's a gap where she and GEasy walk up to the building and security rushes her back stage and she runs into the real Britney before she goes on for the show. lol 

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