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Pretty Girls Appreciation Thread

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Peaked #29 on the BB Hot 100 (Slumber Party could never) :queenflopga:


Solidified Britney as the Queen of Rap

(The girls roll up)
Windows roll down
(Eyes on us)
Jaws on the ground
(Watch them go)
It's just so funny
(Like bees to the honey!)


Iconic Duo


Queen of Serving Looks



Also don't forget those radical alien powers




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Just now, ALLEYESONUS! said:

Am I supposed to take this thread seriously? :triggered:

You're supposed to appreciate Pretty Girls :prettyney:

Just now, falka said:

You didn't post POM's show choreo, which was cute and fun :snapney:



Is it Pretty Girls  week? :giggleney:

This is my favorite part :carpoolney:


and yes it is :snapney:


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saying that crap went to 29 after bbma performance and SP that is a masterpiece compared to this **** went to 86 with NO promotion or performance is delusional. Make me peaked at 17 after VMA so PG is not doing great on 29. Dont ever mess with SP :byebitch:

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31 minutes ago, Brad Adamson said:

Can we take a second to remember this was originally intended as a lead single :umwtf:

Pretty World was real. She had a new logo and new website and everything. I don't believe Larry's "singles" story. Liar was probably recorded for those sessions in 2014 and the rest of the stuff scrapped and Glory was born.

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