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POM is one of her saddest songs

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I know the song is a bop and a song to play at the clubs, but it's very ironic in a way. And very very sad I think. Especially "they still gon get pictures of my derriere in the magazines" I mean just think of her situation at the time..

If we take into account the lyrics, she's very sad, and the song perfectly captures this, all while she's trying to say **** you to everyone.

Love the song though:brit:

just me? Discuss

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1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

It's not a sad song. Klas Ahlund wrote it after Teresa asked B&A for one more track before the sessions for Blackout wrapped up so he just came up with a big middle finger to the media. Britney loved it and memorized the song in like 10 minutes in the car on the way to studio.

Did she really? I never heard that story before :lostney:


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