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Love 2 Love U Appreciation thread

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So, I was listening to this flawless song Jordy leaked in 2010. And I am quite shocked that people in the comments are like, I love the song, but that note she hit at 1:45 is not her. She will forever be thought of the singer with the high pitches nasally voice and nobody will ever know. :crying1: 


I've been reading a lot of threads about Britney ever blowing up and reliving a successful era/album, and I think a song with these kind of moments will shake a lot of people's heads

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Yeah the song's official title is Just Let Me Go. Also it leaked on Britney's birthday in 2011, that was Jordan's birthday gift to us exhalers.

It's a very nice summery song and i like the La Isla (my name ;)) Bonita sample too. 

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