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Britney needs to collab with Selena tbh


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7 minutes ago, cheri said:

is she still pretending to be poor while simultaneously posting designer handbags on her IG & ripping off lana del rey like she did with new americana :weusay:

yes. and still pretending to have disease and disorder in the world. the only thing she has yet to announce is AIDS. guess she's leaving that one for when she wants some extra attention. next album release maybe?

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Okay, I like Selena Gomez but this girl was literally handed a music career because she had all these little kid fans when she was an ACTRESS. Look, no artist would be here if it was not for someone discovering them or putting them on the map but cmon. All these Disney Channel girls turned singers are enough. The music industry is SO boring because of this new trend. Labels do not just hire people because they are great singers. They know when someone is a huge star and will be an innovative, trend setting pop star with a combination of music and image. Jive literally hired Britney because they knew they saw a star in her without her previously having a fanbase.  That is why she became the icon that she is and made pop music such a fun landscape in her prime whereas Selena is just known for some of her songs and dating Justin Bieber. Even when Britney was on Disney Channel herself, she was a SINGER and people still did not know she was when it ended nor did they have anything to do with her career since she was almost rejected by all four labels she tried out for before Jive actually gave her a shot. You can not say the same thing to someone who only did music because she got the opportunity to do so and because she could have sold records of her sh**ing herself. It is a huge insult to Britney, who worked her way up. 

I know we have criticized Britney for the past number of years but either way, she came into this not well known. She had to deal with being signed to a label, not knowing whether they were going to shelve her or actually give her the time that she needs to make her a success. She was a vulnerable 16 year old girl who had to follow orders because she did not know anything about the industry. They gave her a song, not knowing it would be a hit and it was a fighting battle since then to maintain a music career and image with worries if it would all end in a second. Her selling records or having any success at all was a one in a million shot. I know we so badly want Britney to do a collaboration that would help her and since Selena is slaying right now, we think "well, Selena is better because she at least sings live..." or whatever excuse you could think of but it is not the same thing AT ALL! She deserves better than to ride in the coattails of someone who was handed success to her for being on a hit TV series for children.

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my theory, which i obviously have zero proof of... britney tweeted Selena once to ask about when they would collab together, and Selena never answered back. this pissed off many in the britney army and it seemed confusing seeing as Selena always talked about how much she loved britney. my theory is that Selena would probably be down to collaborate, but i feel like her team doesn't like the idea from an image/relevance perspective and so they convinced her not to.

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On 14/6/2017 at 7:23 PM, cheri said:

sweetie i know who you were talking about. that's why i said "revival landed #1 TOO". you used halsey's recent charting position like it was an advantage when the reality is some **** people do manage to snag #1s. both halsey and Selena are sad and indeed **** :NYsassy:

Whatever girl


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