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Britney needs to collab with Selena tbh


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28 minutes ago, Pedro Dantas said:

She died over 20 years ago, I think.


25 minutes ago, button said:

I know Britney acts like a zombie nowadays but that doesnt mean she can collaborate with the deceased

LOOOOL *****! We are in 2017 all things are possible!

Just remember of "Love Never Felt So Good" of Justin Timberskane Ft. Michael Jackson in 2014.:jfallonlol:

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41 minutes ago, cheri said:

sweetie i know who you were talking about. that's why i said "revival landed #1 TOO". you used halsey's recent charting position like it was an advantage when the reality is some **** people do manage to snag #1s. both halsey and Selena are sad and indeed **** :NYsassy:

let the girl breathe

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