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Team B, Americans have Vegas, Asia has the Tour, Please give

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3 hours ago, Roger said:

She will tour Europe next year for her farewell 20th Anniversary Tour

That's what I'm hoping for, minus it being a 'farewell' tour. There was a rumour a month or two ago that she'll do more touring in 2018 after her vegas residency ends in December so I'm hoping this little Asian tour is just a little test run for her to get back into the prospect of touring

I really hope what happened in Manchester last month doesn't stop her coming    to the UK again. But then it hasn't stopped Katy Perry [going to see her in Glasgow next June!!] so I don't see why it should stop Britney. Mind you, if Katy Perry can do Scotland, bloody Britney can but still doubt that'll happen!!

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12 hours ago, avaaa said:

How can they buy it when they don't even know she releases new music? Britney needs to promote her stuff first :NYsassy:


12 hours ago, CircusFatale said:

So uh... you were saying about buying her music? What do we get here on the Emerald Isle if we got the album to #1? Skipped on her next world tour, likely :sassybrit:

Just a joke, y'all... Touchy subject I guess :dead:

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28 minutes ago, The Deity Arceus said:

Europe doesn't deserve her

I mean look at the chart and the ticket sales when she visited that continents

Yes let's blame the ppl for the laziness from Britney and her team :triggered:

Not only do fans have to look past the Zumba and lipping but they also should promote her stuff themselves

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