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Britney Best Singles?

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4 minutes ago, BritintheZone said:

1. Ima Slave 4 U!!!!



3. Gimme More

4. Womanizer


6.Me Against the Music

7. Oops I Did It Again

8. Baby One More Time

9. If You seek Amy

10. Till the World Ends

I don't think I played any of her leads like I did with Slave I mean I'm still tired of it lOl 

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Guest $elfish


gimme more 



if u seek amy 

make me 


born to make you happy 


me against the music 

( these aren't in a order)

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work ***** -the beat, the words, the choreo, the video

gimme more -unexpected dangerous exciting pop i thought she was so bad ***

piece of me -probably her most personal song. i think it was the first time that the whole world was feeling her

make me -i love this song every time i hear i wanna move

and then we kiss -one of her most beautiful songs

circus -its only a song that britney could do. its like built around her. she's so feirce

everytime - a haunting and vulnerable piece of pop.

oops!...i did it again -perfect!

hold it against me -confidence

....baby one more time -iconic

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