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Does Britney want to regain control of her finances?


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Amanda Byrnes regained control of her finances recently.



I was wondering if Britney is trying to regain hers? I read an article that said Britney actually likes being under a conservatorship because she's in her own bubble and able to concentrate while other people are reliable for her finances. I don't know the extent of her conservatorship, but I read that everything she buys is recorded, including purchased as small as a Starbucks drink. I wonder how much of this is true and if she'll ever regain control since she has proven that she is sober and capable of being a responsible parent.

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I think she's fine with it because she was working as a child and maybe needs the break? Britney has an advantage that most adults don't get in having someone take care of certain things that are very stressful. I'm not saying that her situation is ideal 24/7 for everyone but sometimes adults get overwhelmed in everyday life and need to take some steps back. She has been famous for a very long time and I think it took a very big toll on her. We see how unhappy most celebrities are who never achieved her level of fame. Maybe when her kids are adults she will decide that she wants to take on those financial decisions again but maybe not. Only time will tell and we don't know enough about her breakdown and her life to say one way or the other. We can form opinions based on what we know but unless Britney says something to the contrary I think she's fine with the conservatorship. 

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I see the "freedom" part of it, but I honestly don't think she WANTS the responsibilities of her finances. You have to realize when people have mega millions, they generally have a whole team of people managing, investing, and rationing their money.  She is given enough money for anything and everything she needs, so what, financially speaking, would really change for her?

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