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Your favorite unreleased song

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Sippin' on is a hot track lbr

Let go and Everyday are her jewels

Abroad and Dangerous are her unreleased toxics

State of grace at the top too

How did anyone said Strangest love?

P.D: I secrectly love Pleasure you.

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In this order:

1. OUCH: breathe on me's sister. The sexiness, the smooth vocals,  the freaking slayage. :hipney:

2. State of grace: It's a masterpiece from the very first second to the very last. Great lyrics, amazing melody and great voice but it definitely needs more arrangements cause the demo sounds unfinished. :yeaok:

3. Everyday, my god. That freaking songs gives me so much hope when I feel sad. The lyrics, the piano melody, her singing. :crying1:

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28 minutes ago, nonoiseplz said:

When did this leak and what album was it for? I've really tuned out for the past 3 years...

Blackout i think

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