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To Love Let Go (final version)

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such a beautiful song... :meltdown:

the piano instrumental, the fragile yet versatile voice, the touchy and go-with-the-flow lyrics... one of the most wasted songs ever. :tiffsniffle: like seriously. 

i still prefer the demo version. it's not that different but in this  so-called final version, some echo parts and drums sounded a bit too much, imo.

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Welp i wasnt feeling really good and this made me feel better. This is the real Britney :gobaby: wish she would record an entire album singing in her natural deep range on some ambient beats like that, it kinda sounds like massive attack/portishead **** 

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6 minutes ago, --- said:

i will never not wish for an album of songs of this nature from her. the *** kitten thing is so boring to me.

i will never not wish for a CONCERT of hers where she just sits down, maybe on a piano, and sings these kinds of songs from her heart. An album would be a dream come true too.

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This is one of the few songs that makes me cry, or at leat tear up, ALL THE TIME!

The whole second verse really gets to me, so raw, so real...you can hear her voice cracking and it's the most beautiful sound ever, she sounds so vulnerable. Unfortunately, this Britney is gone. She will never be so involved in her career as she was back then, that's really a shame  

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4 hours ago, FreshPrince said:

for new fans out there, have you ever heard it? :plzexplain:

The producer Devo Springsteen leaked it on his old myspace acount years ago :giggleney:

enjoy! :slayney:



4 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Yup. Wish we had better quality than a crappy MySpace rip.


4 hours ago, CJMCH said:

Wish he would leak it on Soundcloud or something like that, cuz even the demo version has better quality.


4 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Maybe @IconicShow can find a contact?


1 hour ago, brintyjoan said:

I love this song.

But this 'final' version is too much. Heard it years ago, thought it was just edited by a fan 


5 minutes ago, gago_piedra said:

dl link pleaseeee


I did this if anyone's interested.. 

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