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Britney arrives in Taipei, Taiwan!! (Video)

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1 hour ago, Brit 97 said:

From Seoul to Taipei by train? Impossible  :ohi: plus Taiwan is an island 


28 minutes ago, annalai23 said:


The article says she flew private ... never said train.... 

I see :meltdown:


The article said something about "she didn't say hello on the train" but it also mentions she flew on a private jet...

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2 hours ago, GoddessOfPop said:

A wave to the fans would've been nice, but anyway, is this show soldout or also kinda empty? 

It isn't sold out yet... like I said I was really worried that it wouldn't be sold out  :donewithit: Anyway... I've read that she will stay in Taipei for 4 DAYS!!!:snapney: really hope I can see her on the streets haha

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2 minutes ago, GoddessOfPop said:

Yeah I think she's staying for a couple of days there, hope you meet her and have a good experience. How many tickets are left? Any idea? 

I remember that about 80% of the tickets were sold, the total was about 16,000 or so  :sassybrit: Not bad but not so good(the VIP seats are not sold out:squintney:

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33 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:


Her fans are weird tho. Just look at all of us on here obsessing over her knee and lips and hair. It's creepy. I'd run away from us :walkonby:

It was raining heavily here in Taipei and like 50 fans went to the airport just to see her :sassybrit: (we knew where she's arriving few hours before she arrived and she didn't even waved to the fans :brit: I believe that she was really tired lol

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