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Queen of Wardrobe Malfunction (Live In Seoul)

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It's so weird, I've been a fan since 2008 and I've never seen so many wardrobe and production mishaps up until POM. Obviously there were a few here and there but in a residency surely you have web more time to test out the costumes and you haven't got the risk of a costume messing up in transit. It's weird.

This isn't bad to be fair.

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3 minutes ago, Miss Cootie said:

those arent boots? then wtf are they? Im so out of the  loop lmfap giphy.gif

No, they're kinda like the pink warmers she wore for one of the TCSBS shows but these ones are like silk or something. Basically they're like giant socks and it's obvious that they will go down on her legs because she's moving. That happened when Beyoncé did the Super Bowl back in 2013. Her socks were over her knees when she started and by the end they were under.

Back to Britney, she should wear boots again. I mean, the socks look good when you're not close to her. She should try some boots that are as high as the socks but I would prefer that she wears real boots.

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