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Founder of Too Faced just teased this, possible collab?

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She can release a make up campaign, a new perfume, lingerie line, a new app game, or whatever extra stuff but she cant release a new single of her own album to help herself to be able to keep releasing more music in the future? :byebitch:


Anyway, I am a man, I will never buy this **** so, good for you girls. Go and buy it. 

I just hope for an amazing photoshoot. :brit:

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Guest Paris Hilton $

That's weird

Considering her makeup skills

Hope that she'll post more HQ pics on her instagram LQ is being tiring tho

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1 hour ago, Girl On The Moon said:

Omg it would be so cool if this is true! But her partnerships are so weird lately... Do you remember those pics with eos? Nothing came out of it.

She was just hired to post a few pics here and there with EOS on her lips while holding them, like the Kardashians eating those bear vitamins for the hair.

I WOULD LOVE a collab related to cosmetics.

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7 hours ago, Invitation said:

I'm buying whatever she's selling.

This is the why her brand has become so shtty. :beynah:

1 hour ago, MissVanessa said:

I don't think it will really be a collab as I don't see Britney being passionate about makeup but maybe just a palette inspired by some of her iconic looks? That would definitely sell for nostalgic reasons! 

I keep seeing Britney and nostalgia in the same sentence more and more often. Frankly, it's making me sad and scared. :yeahsure:

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