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Britney Snapchat filter for B10 please!

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For her 20th anniversary, whatever she does, release a new album or whatever, she should get a Snapchat filter to promote it! They should do one where it has a cartoon of Britney's body with an iconic outfit, and you can put your own face in it. They could to a schoolgirl outfit, flight attendant, red catsuit, naked crystal body, snake vma outfit, music video outfits, etc! It could be one of those filters that once you've selected it you can tap to modify it and it could switch outfits, and maybe it could even play the instrumental to the Britney song associated with the outfit too cause different snapchat filters have music!

Anyways, people LOVE snapchat filters and they always go viral. The dog and flower crown filters are iconic, and GP would eat it up, they would post videos of them singing along, post it on their stories, send it to their friends etc. If they release a new album they could have a really original/iconic outfit in the lead single's music vid and include that as one of the filters and it would promote the new single as well as the rest of her catalogue.

I already know your dramatic ***** are gonna start talking about how cheap Britney's team is but honestly, this would be AMAZING promo. People will see others using the filter and rush to their apps to try it out and it would remind everyone of how iconic our kween is, while making them aware that she's still here alive and making music. If there's anything they should really spend money on for the 20th anniversary it should be this. Also I bet Brit would love it, we already know how much ***** loves her snapchat filters :imcute:

Seriously they need to make this happen. Also Larry feel free to hire me to be in charge of promo, help a struggling college student out, thx!

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