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Sad but true

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I heard Make Me twice when it was released, and I believe last month in a shop, they also played Slumber Party right after.
And today they played Slumber Party on a TV program called ''Cámbiame'', I don't watch it so my friends recorded an audio for me lmao I've trained them good :comingthru:

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32 minutes ago, Egle92 said:

I did!  During the first few days when it was released but that was it.... :yeahsure:

Yeah same I heard it the day it was released on radio 1 breakfast show, and Nick grimshaw shaded the hell out of it and it was never played again....not that I'm salty or anything.. .

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35 minutes ago, Denise said:

I heard Make me on the radio ... and they are still playing  I wanna go, Scream&Shout, OIDIA and TTWE :hype::hipney:

FF album is  still playing everywhere here, even criminal was playing in survivor :hype:

when will Glory :bthink:

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I've heard Make Me quite a few times on the radio back during it's initial release - I live in South Florida. I also have heard it a few times while out - at the mall, movie theatre, I even heard it while on vacation in Puerto Rico in a hotel lobby. 

Although I can't say the same for Slumber Party. I never heard that song outside of the comfort of my own home :forkit:

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