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Glory appears in promotional image for Apple HomePod Speaker

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Guest $elfish
13 minutes ago, Now Watch Me said:

Hunty, you wish her team was that capable.

That Glroy pic was prob thrown in there by the stan intern that put that Apple promo together.


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Such a shame how bad this album did because it truly is one of her best albums to date. Hopefully things change for B10. She desperately needs a fresh and innovative marketing team. Her current team is so old school. She doesn't even need to leave her house. She just needs a team that knows how to work social media in her favor. 

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33 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

Why is Flopange's cover 4 times bigger than Britney's? :shameless:

unfortunately, I think her album sold way better than Glory :orangu: so in this case, it pains me to say but, its britneys album thats the flop one

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