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How long did you think her career would last?

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Hey mamas!!  :kiss:

When you first became a fan of Britney,

how long did you think she would last for?

let's be honest, every pop star has a shelf life.

some longer or shorter than others.

I bet that no one thought Madonna would still be around today.


I figured Britney would be around for about 5-7 years or so.

I'm so happy that she's still killing it nearly 20 years later.

Discuss mamas!!  :mcwave: 

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I became a fan in 2011 and when watching the FFT videos I was like ''wow, she's going to end her career soon. She looks like she doesn't want to do it anymore''. But ***** proved me wrong. I believe her career will last for as long as she keeps making music. :brityes:

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5 minutes ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

For sure as I watched on fear throughout of 2007, I was pretty convinced she would have been found dead somewhere. I did not foresee her making it passed that year at all.

And look at how far she's come since then :gobaby:

I will be forever proud of Britney for making it through all of the tough times and will forever be inspired by her and how strong she is :crying4:

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Having only becoming a fan of her great discography in recent years despite remembering when she came out when as I kid, looking back at her career her career should have been over by 2000, 2003 and/or 2007.  There are very few (if any) solo teen pop stars that have done what she's been able to do.

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BOMT was the first album I ever bought, and as I grew up, I watched her dominate the music industry, pop culture and media itself. Because she was so ubiquitous, and I was also a fan since the beginning of her career, it honestly never even occurred to me that someday she might not be around. She was just such a fixture of modern society that I couldn't imagine her being gone. Still can't, TBH! 

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8 minutes ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

So true, she will always be my number one person that I admire in the industry and music, period. **** being simple minded and thinking a ******* outfit or her hair being "wrong" could ever decide whether or not I bow down to this woman. 

She. Is. Everything. :otears:

Preach it sis :kisses:

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38 minutes ago, IDKBT said:

I don't know, but I don't see her being a "Madonna", I think she would like to have a "normal life" when she gets older, but maybe i'm wrong. I think maybe 10-15 years more?

I don't think she was ever a Madonna or a Janet but influenced by them a lot.  

But Madonna was not a teen pop star.  She was a grown woman in her mid to late 20s who appealed to teens.  So you can't say that's the same thing.

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I became a fan in 2008 when I was 8 yrs old and she released womanizer, I spent my pre-teen years jamming to femme fatale, my teen years
listening to Britney Jean once in a while and now I'm spending my late teens jamming to Glory every single year so I'm pretty late in the game :staysalty: I wish I knew her during BOMT-ITZ 

I hope she doesn't end anytime soon, I can't imagine her lip-syncing & dancing in leotards in her 50's on-wards though which is a sad thought
because she means so much to me (ANYONE that knows me knows how I obsess so much lol) :otears:

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Idk because I became a fan back in 2004 when I was 8 years old. I wasn't really thinking about that, I just remember loving her music and thinking she was the most gorgeous woman ever. But I can distinctly remember in 2007, when Britney was going through her break down, thinking that she was going to die.

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I became a real fan in 2007, i mean i liked her at the time but i started stanning for her in 2007. When she came out strong in 2008 i knew she was going to last. She just didn't need to prove anything, win any award or nothing. Her being alive and still making music after what she went through would keep inspiring fans no matter what, and that's what makes a long lasting career. HER BEING ICONIC AND TRUE TO HERSELF.

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Well, as a kid I thought she would be around forever. Even after she got pregnant and released Someday, I was like, OK, she'll eventually come back. But when she came back... :embarrassney: I really thought Blackout was gonna be the end, or that it was gonna take a long, long time to release something again.

Thankfully I only had to wait one year :giggleney:

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