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Was "Tom's Diner" an official single??

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This release confuses me a bit.  I can't never identify if it was a proper single or just a promotional song.

The song never got a big or official announcement, wasn't sent to Radio adds or anything, however an official audio video was uploaded on Britney's VEVO channel as the song got a special release on itunes with its own cover, an official lyrics video which also seemed like an animated music video was eventually released, but the song was never properly treated.

was it an official single or was it just a promotional song like "And then we kiss" or "Private show" were? 

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2 hours ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I consider it to be an official single. It was download only, but didn't it also have an official lyric video?

Yes, it got an official lyric video (a pretty cool one actually). Thats what confuses me, the song got some stuff that singles get, but at the same time it had a lot of signs that it wasn't a single. 

Its like it was half-single / half-promo song LOL.  Its her hardest song to identify as such IMO. 

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Guest Nick Jonas
2 minutes ago, sue the expectional earner said:

flopped? it sold more than everything on his album :jfallonlol: 

Where? :idkney:

I think the Kylie single and even Sia's were bigger sellers? :sippingtea:

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Guest Nick Jonas
1 minute ago, alanmanga said:

ThIS animated lyric video is FAN MADE. I think we can consider this a promotional single since it does not have a proper music video. 


Britney and promotion don't mix sis. :nicki2:

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don't remind me of that :crying2: 

I think it was a kind of single, because it was "released" with those remixes and such, but without a music video, it's as if it wasn't :crying1: 

The audio clip on her channel doesn't make it a single, because other songs have been uploaded too (NTIFY, ISBE). The lyric video either, because other songs, not Britney's, but other artists upload lyric videos as if their lives depended on it, and they aren't singles most of the times. But the release itself, independent of the album, is what I would consider that makes it a single, but I don't know if that's the definition of promotional single, since it wasn't sent to radio. 

In the other hand, Slumber Party had a videoclip, without being released as a single per se. And even though it later got a remix EP, it doesn't even include the standard song, so that was just a remix EP, not a single. But again, I think the videoclip is more powerful than anything else to consider a song a single.

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