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I Believe Britney will finally move from a traditional LP and release an EP collection soon

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The hints have been everywhere, She is about to take POM overseas to satisfy her masses of fans around the globe, her insistence about enjoying the release tactics with little forewarning has already been made known, and she has already excitedly gushed about how glad she was to be back in the recording studio, ready to find the footing of her next direction. Also Michelle Bell has already stated that she goes through the proper channels and permission avenues before she leaks anything, I believe at the very least, TAKE OFF will be leaked before the end of the month and will also coincide with a one-off single that is formulaic and sure-fire to build excitement to keep the World Tour steadily in the front and center at least until fall. 

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It was pointing out that her having their blessing would likely be met with some kind of conditions, which is why she has been so hesitant. Also there are two songs that may have been put together for Britney for GLORY or the future, called "INVITE ONLY" and "SOUL."

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4 hours ago, Thecodeman25 said:

The idea that a michelle bell leak would have anything to do with a new official release is absurd though.

Britney fans are the authors of delusion. It's kinda hilarious, really.

Also, OP, the signs are not everywhere since there hasn't been any sign at all. You taking random things as signs is NOT the same thing as there being actual signs.


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