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My sad story with Glory Canada deluxe & normal edition :sad:

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I don't know from where start this but today i´m a sad stan. really really sad.

in august 2016 i ordered both explicit canada editions of glory with a random seller on ebay,

i was so happy cause the canada deluxe explicit edition looks so cool and the sticker has french/english promo of her album and i was so hyped cause the album looks great and the songs were great.

but in short words. the guy never sent me the copies. i wrote him and he told me he sent another copies, this copies never get to my hands.

so the guy lied me, and he stole my money, my money for godney and i still feel so pissed cause 

I CAN'T ******* FIND THE DELUXE EDITION FROM CANADA. AND I STILL WANT IT. :otears: Can somebody help me on this beautiful mission? T_T


don't buy from this person http://www.ebay.com/usr/x_store_canada



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6 minutes ago, TylerTremallose said:

why not open a dispute on ebay??

i was careless that time cause i always buy on ebay from many countries ww and never had an issue with the products i bought there so.

this is the first time. so i wrote him like 2 months after the day i paid so he told me he will send me 2 new copies asap but he didn't. so i did wait 2 more months and i never got them. after that time i couldn't open a dispute so i just lost my money.

:yaknow:i´m not even pissed about the money i got lost, but i´m pissed cause i really wanted the copies from canada.

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On 2017-5-16 at 3:16 AM, WouldYouHIAM said:

Sorry about that :eheeek:

Are you from Canada? You can always try order from Amazon Canada.

I found this link https://www.amazon.ca/Glory-Deluxe-Version-Britney-Spears/dp/B01J2M5J7A

Hopefully it's the version you're looking for. If you're not from Canada hopefully they ship to you.

aww thank you! i'll try to buy one copy there :) 

On 2017-5-16 at 3:16 AM, Britney M. Carey said:

Why don't you just throw him a negative feedback?

i couldn´t cause i was out of time to give him feedback.

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