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Britney between Circus and FF eras?

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Britney's infamous meltdown happened in 2007, and critics thought her career would be over, especially following her 2007 VMAs performance.


But Britney was able to overcome her doubters as she triumphantly returned with Circus in 2008.


Circus, which was designed to essentially be a part two to Blackout, was an amazing album! She looked amazing! She was like her old self!


In 2009, she gave us "3" as a stand alone single. This was a really good song, too!


Then in 2011, after a year of not performing, she released Femme Fatale.


Femme Fatale is interesting, because although it achieved success, I was a bit... I don't know the word... maybe disappointed? Or confused? Maybe concerned?


Let me explain. Britney during Femme Fatale did not look or sound like the same Britney before Femme Fatale. This Britney looked and sounded sad, tired, dead even! She lacked the same glow and energy as before. You can see it in her eyes, her face, the way she moves. You can hear it in her voice and her music. That Britney was sort of... poignant?


I read that 2010 was responsible for this, that she might have relapsed and was medicated during this time, which would explain the lifelessness and unhappiness in her appearance and sound. Though, not even 2007 made Britney like this. Britney was able to break through 2007 like a warrior, coming out as strong, if not stronger than before.


But what happened in 2010? Was it another breakup? Her conservatorship? Was it a death in the family? Did she get a new team? People (the GP) think they know what happened to Britney in 2007, but if you asked them about 2010, they'd look at you sideways and be like "what do you mean?"


I heard she got better at the end of FF era. Flash forward to present, her silly and youthful Instagram posts make me think she's living her life happy and free, which makes me really happy.


What do you think happened between the Circus and FF eras? What was your initial reaction to FF? Has your reaction changed over time?

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9 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

That's just a rumor everyone bought. She was just a regular girl going through life and that's it, is that too hard to understand? :boredashell: We can't be 24/7 all happy and smiling,  yes she changed they same way we all do. Stop throwing shade to an amazing era, album, tour and music she gave us in 2011. 

You know what, I agree. Is there a way to delete this post?

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I don't think we need to overanalyze things all the time.  Humans aren't perfect, a lot of things happened to her and she had her hard times, by 2011 she was probably tired and likely depressed and probably took some meds, "Femme Fatale" was likely a contract obligatation type of album, but who cares? , humans aren't perfect, she just had a bad time like anyone else could have had it.  At the end of the day the album was fun, and the singles were cool and the music is what we should remember in the end.

it was clearly a phase / moment she had, its in the past and right now she simply seems happy, bubbly and taking care of herself. Humans are like that, there are hard and good moments in life. Simple.

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Nah I get life is hard, Britney and I are around the same age but something was definitely up during the femme era. She was medicated to almost robot like. Plus her weight gain, she was never "fat" but she wasn't that Britney we were all used to. Something was up, she made it through but you don't have to "analyze" to see something was very "Judy garland" like with her at the time. 

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I think she was exhausted, in "for the record" in 2008 she said she wantd to take a break and she had 2007 meltdown, got her **** together and she didn't stopped from 2008 all tha way to 2012 when she did x factor. The same happened to mariah qhen she had her breakdown in early 2000", the industry is hard specially if you don't have your **** together.

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