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What was your reaction when Piece of Me (the song and music video) came out??

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I know that I was slayed into pieces, I was so happy they made it a single. When the music video came out i felt so empowered tbh, she was so badass i replayed the song all day, i was so impressed and fascinated by her, the song, the lyrics, I fell in love even more with her. She gave out such a badass vibe it slayed me into pieces.


I was so proud of her and of being her fan, I remember crying because she came back, she didnt die, she didnt become mental, she got back and stood her ground :otears:

Ill never forget POM and the feeling when it came out, thank you queen.


How about you *******? Tell me how blown away you were :mybodyisready:

also give this flawless bop some views while you're at it 



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2 minutes ago, BRING THE NOISE said:

The video SLAYED ME. I remember I was on X17 cause they were covering the shooting of the video. It's really ICONIC. We need a video like that ASAP :sobbing:

yes tbh :otears: i love it, it hyped us so well!

Just now, Mona Lisa 2.0 said:

gurrl it used to play on MTV along with 3 when I didn't even know Britney and I loved it  :martin:

3 is MY ******* JAM :mybodyisready: i still have threesomes cuz of that ******* song :orangu: 

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1 minute ago, BRING THE NOISE said:

Oh and I am still pissed. Because the video in 2008 had 50 million views. Then VEVO ****** up things and it went to 0 :wendycry:

it actually had 80 million :otears: it was one of the most viewed videos on youtube back then, how dare they ******* destroy it like that tbh 

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I remember buying Blackout the night it came out at midnight. My friend and I put the CD in my car and skipped to track 2 bc we already knew Gimme More. I had listened to a few of the leaks but hadn't heard POM - I LOVED it!! I thought it was so hot and I still do =)

When the video came out... I thought it was decent, definitely a step up from GM (which imo is her worst video to date, worse than BTI). But it was still a little off... the breakdown was kinda messy and I feel like that could have been really cool. 

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I remember part of the video leaked before time, u guys remember that? it had britney with a green screen at the back, just part of it unfinished. A few days later it went online the official and my fav version is the one Brit starts walking like on a runway while taking her jacket off, while cameras flashing. Epic song and epic video... I miss a lot that feeling :sickofu:7

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I cried because she ******* mentioned Philippines (even if she didn't write it) and was full of hope she will visit us. :otears: She probably doesn't even know where Philippines is lol but at least she's coming now.

And the video was ok, definitely an improvement over Gimme More. :tiffanynod:

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We could of been almost at 200 Million or more views if VEVO didn't delete that. We would have been certified. :crying2:

As for the video I remember it came out a few days after Jamie Lynn's pregnancy was announced to Ok! Magazine (this is just what I remember most). I just heard rumours about the video being shot didn't know if they were real then one day the video appeared and I was like "BLONDE BRITNEY IS BACK". But TBH I always loved this song and I always loved the gimme more music video too. I thought both were great. I was praying for HOE To be the next single or Radar. :forkit:

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Guest StrawberryKisses

I was in high school and I remembered downloading it for Stepmania (a DDR game for the PC) and playing it :giggleney:

I  preferred POM over GM, but that era was visually pleasing.


I loved the Blackout cover! 

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i really liked pom when it came out! after that gimme more video fiasco and the blackout album cover ughh. i remember feeling the cool britney finally coming back, i was really happy. not sure if i cried or not but i was sooo excited watching her dance scene in the bathroom. she looks so good there.

also i remember pom was the first music video to reach 1million views on youtube history, or i´m wrong?




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The video slayed me, in the most negative sense. :donewithit:

GM had been awful, and it was as if MTV was punishing me or something, because it made me watch it EVERY SINGLE DAY since it came out. Any time of the day I tuned MTV, there it was GM. When I thought the nightmare had finally ended, they only stopped playing GM in order to play POM instead. And it was EVEN WORSE :embarrassney:

The song isn't that bad, it's just the video that ruined it for me. She looks so... not good. There's something off with her face, and I don't know how any of you can like it. She literally looked like another person. With GM the only thing that "saved" it is that we could tell that at least she was playing a character or something. POM was supposed to be her, the true Britney, a **** you to all the paparazzi and media, but it was just so tacky, it doesn't look good, aesthetically, from the visuals, to her outfits, her face, the takes, the "dancing". I don't know, it's a really, really ugly video. They supposedly spent so much money on it, and yet it looks so cheap and rushed. And it was even more embarrassing when the VMA's decided to give her not only her first moonman ever, but her first three moonmen, including Video of the Year, to what is basically her worst video ever.

For me there's nothing worse than POM video, not even PG or MM or Perfume, or TTWE. Not even GM itself.

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Omg I remebmber watching the updates of her going to the video shoot, and by that time I liked the song but the day the video dropped... OMG! Slayed. 

I rushed back home to see it online after it premiered, and my friend did that dance routine while we watched it over and over on my computer. 

I think I still have(I hope!) a British newspaper with an article and big picture of her in the car wearing a pyjama arriving to the set at night(or was it early morning?). 

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