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1st singles

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listened to miley's new single :meltdown: sorry but make me is way better :foh:

Gaga's 1st single is pure trash :meltdown:..make me is pure gold :hipney:

nickys 1st single, lets forget :meltdown:

katy's 1st single is just didnt work, really bad :meltdown:

so conclusion: make me itself is really good song, but the name britney is not brand anymore to sell the music and album, why herself and teamb is not doin something creative instead of sitting on chair and say it just didnt work :meltdown:


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Make Me is by far my favorite out of these but I do really like Malibu. I do think Britney herself (and her name) is her biggest enemy though. Make Me is REALLY good and it fit in with everything else that was on the radio. Same with SP. I think they both could've done really well if people knew about them and didn't know it was Britney. Britney isn't cool and "in" anymore 

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