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The "I never actually watched Britney on X-Factor" Thread...

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I'll probably lose my fan card, but I have to admit that I didn't actually watch X-Factor when Britney was on it other than 1 or 2 of the audition episodes. So when people make X-Factor references or talk about her faces or how bad it was, I'm honestly clueless.

I just never really liked the show and even Britney couldn't get me interested...

Anyone else?

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1 minute ago, CriminalLegend said:

I watched and it wasn't bad, she didn't talk a lot but we know that Britney is shy... And she had great looks too. I just didn't like the auditions because they were sooo fake

I saw some cringe worthy auditions on YouTube and her responses on some seemed so scripted.

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4 minutes ago, GypsyWoman said:

I saw some cringe worthy auditions on YouTube and her responses on some seemed so scripted.

Yeah, they wanted her as a bad *****, and that was crazy because during the live shows she was so shy and so Britney, totally different from the auditions


ps. Gypsy Woman is an amazing song!

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I accompanied a bit just because she was in. Like, I skipped a lot of episodes, but I actually watched one in each phase.

Look, it wasn't that bad tbh. Britney was fun to watch and her pupils went far (poor Demi Lovato), even though she wasn't very articulate in her criticisms.

I really liked Carly, Bea, Tate, Diamond White, Cece was sassy, but Carly should've won. I don't understand how only 5H made it far. They were so boring.

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I stopped watching when there were 7-8 episodes left, there was too much of that country guy and the other acts were also boring, not even Britney couldn't make me watch that anymore. Her best episodes were the first ones, it became more about the contestants later on (ofc) so i'm cool with it

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