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Why The **** Am I Reading On Facebook That Billboard Is No Longer Counting The S&M Remix As A #1 Song For Britney?

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It is FACTS that the song did not hit #1 until the remix came out! :lessons:

She HEAVILY promoted that song by performing it with Rihanna and including it in her tour! That is more promo than she ever did for most of her singles post-2009! :lessons:

That is her song, too! And Billboard can get ******. :byebitch: We still ain't forgotten the Blackout scandal!


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23 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Yeah, the Rihanna version was stalling so they released the remix and it shot straight to #1.

No not really. It was on its way to becoming #1 anyway. The remix was released on April 11. It was #3 on March 19 and #2 April 9. Sure Britney could've helped with some sales, but let's not pretend the song was struggling and Britney saved it.

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1 hour ago, BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial said:

Whoever is saying this on Facebook needs to hide before I find them and kill them for starting problems 


They're sharing articles from 3rd parties that are saying Billboard is no longer counting the remix.

1 hour ago, maquisl said:

But it's a ft song... Scream & Shout doesn't appear either on Brit's Billboard performance and we all know that thta song was N°1 only because of Brit:lollipop::ponderney:

S&S was #3 like Circus, GM, TTWE... It was never #1.

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