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Britney Live In Concert tickets?

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It's THE GUVANAH, ***** :gloss:

As you know, there's this rumor Britney is performing in Paris on July 17th. Unfortunately I live in Milan and I also have an exam that same day  (:otears:) and I really can't miss it, but I've been waiting for +10 years to see Britney live.

The show starts at 9 pm, my exam is from 2pm till 4pm.  There's a Milan-Paris flight at 6pm, so I'd arrive in Paris at 7.45pm, and I'd be in time for the show. So what I wanted to know was all of the tickets packages that were available for the Asian dates... Because I wanted to get the VIP package or whatever gets me closer to the stage (general admission seems impossible since it would be too late and I'd be pretty far :beynah:). 



Would you guys list all of the tickets available for the other shows that have been announced already? :tiffanycries:

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