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Andres originally came up with Get Naked

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23 hours ago, MANDIXMX said:

I wonder if Britney subconsciously remembered that from back the. 

She thinks will.i.am coined the "It's Britney *****" tag line and doesn't remember what "Oops!...I Did It Again"...I'd be surprised if she even realized Andre passed away let alone remembers that he said, "get naked..."

Queen of dementia...


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I was watching this video 2 days ago, and I thought of doing a thread about it, but I've had so much work to do, that I  postponed it for this weekend. 

How did you watch this as well? Was it recently uploaded and that's why it appeared in our suggestions or what? Or do we have some kind of psychic connection? :gaspney:


I was like heeey, that's Get Naked post-chorus 

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