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What does Britney do on a normal day?

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I think the reality is she does get out of the house but she either goes to places there's no paparazzi, or she is simply not being followed by the paparazzi. Back in the day they used to camp outside her house and follow her, 24/7 there was a team from every agency there documenting every move at her front gate, that's not the case anymore.

I think the reality now is that she only get spotted by the paparazzi either when they get tipped off (someone in her team or somebody who is at the place she's at that moment informs the paps) or when she goes to a place where there is always paparazzi.


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I think with what technology and social media has become, paparazzi are almost obsolete at least in comparison to what it used to be so I think she goes out but they just don't catch her like they used to it's just my opinion not based on any research or anything but she's a homebody too which we know so she just hangs with her kids and takes sams **** while the kids are at at Kevin's. Also paints and searches instagram lolz 

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She takes online algebra classes, while Sam cooks them carb free lasagna. 

But we all know that she gets distracted by cat memes and forgets to turn in her homework on time.

Her teachers are really strict, and I heard at a pool party that she almost failed her college algebra class,

but promised to giver her professor an advance copy of B10 if her agreed to pass her with a C+.

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