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I really hope that she will give us 3rd single because of her Asian tour, so I hope  it will be CYM.

I have this MV idea, so guys comment and upgrade it if you want :)

The MV would be black&white and it would be a dance video.

It would be recorded in a studio with a white background and it should be recorded in one take, without any cuts.

There would be Britney and 3 more female dancers, she would wear **** underwear, something like these trendy Calvin Klein underwear (of course she would wear thongs). Her body would be oiled so we can see clearly her masculine body.

Choreography can be similar to Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall, the camera will follow her and her dancers as they move. 

In the middle of song she would move as she dance and there would be a striptease pole and she will do some professional moves.

Also the choreography should be full of acrobatic moves that she can already do according to her Instagram posts.

She should have long and straight hair, when I say long I mean her hair would be up to her butt.

And in the last part of MV she will have again some killer choreography, it should be some mix of Brian Friedman choreography, acrobatic moves, some ballet and Latino elements.


So guys do you like it? What do you think about it?

Sorry for the long post :)


Here is the video of BF and YM choreography:



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8 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

It sounds like Single Ladies but with a stripper pole.

I've always envisioned something like La Isla Bonita for this song. Maybe have Britney in Barcelona with a beautiful flamenco style gown, with a storyline of her having a fling with a **** Latino.

No, it would not be like single ladies, maybe there can be more then 3 dancers.

But I would like to be dance MV, raw, the focus would be on her great body.

It's more like Flashdance and not SL.


But hey your idea is good too, but I'm seeking something more theatrical and artistic from Brit.

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