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Britney to receive WMA icon award... at some point

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41 minutes ago, TylerTremallose said:

sounds like a fan account tbh. not real. i call BS

1 hour ago, Million Billion said:

That reply doesn't sound real from an official account or whatever the World Music Awards are. "she's busy with her sons" :ricackle: That's something one of her relatives would say. Too informal to be true. You didn't believe that **** right?  :NYcackle:

Even that screenshot seems kinda messy tbh, but since it's posted by some Britney fan site and not some random twitter troll user, I thought maybe that owner contacted WMA facebook page and got response from them. Anyway, I don't really speak that language to know what they say in the article, but here is the source, in case someone understands it.

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19 minutes ago, DJSLAYZEE said:

Call me a flop but can Britney just have 2-3 more eras and a second Vegas show before we go around with all these icon awards like she's dead :orangu: 

We already are in this "icon" era not because she's old to be in trend but because:

She started too young so it feels like she's been for ages in the music industry 

A new generation of teenagers is coming up, so it is more the nostalgia than the time frame to be an old singer. Madonna at current Britney's age was slaying. It's just a matter of perception. 

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