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So... is it just me? ?


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So...it's late and I'm bored... please don't judge me :meltdown:


I was watching this "interview" (it's more of a game). And around 0:24-0:25 when she says tacos, it's like all of a sudden "old Brit" (don't kill me) comes through all of a sudden. I was just so surprised.

And yeah, it's late and I'm bored. Please don't hate me :meltdown: 

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After watching so many Britney interviews I think it comes down to the interviewer and how comfortable they make her feel.  She probably has a big guard up now after all shes been through and finds it hard to trust and open up to people. ive found that  if the interviewer is relaxed and casual and the interview isn't completely planned out and its more like a chat and not just ask a question, Britney answers, ask a question, Britney answers, she  feels more at ease and comfortable. Also, if the interviewer is chilled then Britney seemed relaxed. I think its just certain interviewers that try to stay completely professional and seem to just want answers to their questions and that's it, that's what makes Britney put up a guard


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